The post-pandemic era has brought about some of the largest jury verdicts seen to date. For example, just this month an Iowa jury awarded $97.4 million to a child and his family in a medical malpractice birth injury case. In Washington State, $185 million was awarded to three teachers who were exposed to long-lasting chemicals

Account control agreements are common in loan transactions where cash held in a bank deposit account or securities and other investment property held in a securities account maintained with a financial intermediary are pledged as collateral. See La. R.S. 10:9-314, 10:9-106 and 10:8-106. Perfection by control is the exclusive means of perfection of a UCC

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As announced in Louisiana Tax Commission Statewide Advisory 03-2021 on Hurricane Ida, pursuant to La. R.S. 47:1978.1, Louisiana Assessors in Parishes affected by Hurricane Ida have to reassess property for purposes of the upcoming annual property tax bills to take into account any reductions in fair market value